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We are  a networked community assiduously working with our global partners to deliver astute tech systems and solutions

Xpansion Special Computers (XSC), delivers original, fully customizable all-in-one computers, for three principal markets;

  • Health Care
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Enterprise & Business

All our computers and accessories are green, energy-saving, and easy to install and maintain as well as lower ownership cost.

Xpansion eLearning Systems proffers in-depth elearning solutions that support governments, educational institutions, corporates, SMEs, NGOs, Churches as well as intermediate skills development institutions coordinate and deliver teaching, instruction, training, and skills development across their human capital ecosystem.

Xpansion web & media is a hive of pioneering thinkers, writers, designers, and engineers solidly equipped  to take your product and marketing ideas from imaginary to concrete realms and afar. On a daily basis, we confer and craft content, build websites and portals, harness products and brands that help our partners connect with customers and grow faster.

Further the above, we are also excelling content crafters. Our content crafting team is made up of a select group of audacious word engineers  capable of producing copy that is anything from lethal thoughtful to sunny, enriching, and memorable.

From biographies, to website copy, blog posts, white papers, press releases and more – whatever you are trying to achieve, we drive results.

XEL is young, enthusiastic, with a passion for active adventures. We believe that digital products changes everyone’s lifestyle everyday. Watches, cameras, power sources, earphones and speakers – it’s all about helping you live your active life. We work day and night to make little things better, so when you use it, you feel that your digital adventure begins.

Technology, is profusely impacting on public service delivery. This development has seen the rapid growth and development of the ICTs in e-governance. XeGov diligently works with our global partners to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions that support governments around the African continent to seamlessly transition to e-Governance practice. We are proficiently equipped to help municipalities, provincial and central governments in their transitioning into e-Governance.

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