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We are  a networked community assiduously working with our global partners to deliver astute tech systems and solutions


We are an assiduously networked community of tech and media devotees working with global industry brands to deliver a cross-board of products, systems and solutions.

Our passion is about technology for health, education, social and faith good. We therefore engage daily with our tech and media partners to develop and support the implementation of systems and solutions that contribute incalculably towards solving human society’s problems.

Our community is led by Charles Wirsuiy Snr. (BA. MSc. MPhil. M.Digital. D.Media). He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the community —

In his capacity as Technology & Information Executive, Paulin Taffo heads the Technology & Information unit of the community.

While Kelvin Azemobor heads the Sales and Marketing unit of the community.


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