iSpring SDK 9.7

PowerPoint to HTML5 SDK

The world’s best technology for converting PowerPoint to HTML5 with all animations, transitions, and effects.

iSpring SDK 9.7

High-end conversion to HTML5

iSpring’s pioneering conversion engine has empowered hundreds of enterprise-level solutions, including iSpring’s own products.

Compatible with leading programming technologies
he perfectly engineered iSpring SDK can be easily accessed in C#, C++, Java, Python, PHP, and other Windows technologies
Online presentation technology for your solution

200+ applications for digital signage, web conferencing, and content management have been using iSpring technology since 2001.

Conversion Component Kit

iSpring SDK seamlessly integrates with web and desktop applications to provide fast and accurate PowerPoint to HTML5 batch conversion.


iSpring components provide COM and .NET interfaces for easy access to the conversion engine in C#, C++, Java, Python, PHP, and other modern technologies.

CodeBuilder Application
This intuitive application generates C#, VB.NET, and command-line code, and lets you quickly evaluate iSpring SDK without programming
Command Line Tool
The clear and simple command line utility allows you to automatically convert bunches of presentations and develop command line scripts.
Player Component Kit

With iSpring Player components, you can build your own custom branded presentation player.
The same components facilitate the advanced players available with iSpring Suite.

JavaScript API →

Use a unified JavaScript API to control HTML5 presentations in a website, a portal, or a mobile app.

iSpring API for Presentation Playback Control

iSpring helps to control your presentation playback: start, stop, pause, resume playback, and jump to any link or slide.
Fully Custom Player Development
iSpring components provide all the features needed to build your custom player, even with comprehensive functionality.
Total Tracking of User Activity

iSpring API helps you track all user activity. If necessary, you will know about every slide your user viewed and how long they were there.

Our Content Plays Perfectly on Any Device

iSpring creates adaptive HTML5 presentations which play on iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Animations and Triggers

iSpring accurately converts 189 of 199 animations available in PowerPoint 2016. It retains triggers and animations, as well as their sequences, directions, and timings.
Transition Effects
iSpring supports all 48 transition effects in PowerPoint 2016, including the complex 3D transitions and the Morph effect in PowerPoint 365.
Audio and Video

iSpring works with large video and audio. It helps optimize the size and quality of embedded media for fast presentation load times.

Tables, Charts, and Shapes

iSpring precisely retains formatting and positioning for tables, charts, and shapes, as well as their geometry and sharpness, and saves them in vector format.

Image Quality

iSpring carefully preserves the original quality of your graphics, and all images stay crystal clear. Alternatively, you can decrease image quality to get ultra compact files.
Text Formatting and Effects

With iSpring, all texts keep their size, position, style, font, color, bullets, and other formatting after conversion to HTML5.

RTL Languages

iSpring supports Arabic, Hebrew, and other right-to-left writing systems, and thoroughly preserves the original characters’ orientations.
Hyperlinks and Buttons
You can rely on iSpring to keep the interactivity of the original PowerPoint files: all hyperlinks and buttons work as intended on any device.
SmartArt Objects
Even the trickiest SmartArt objects keep their appearance and clarity after conversion with iSpring, so that the slides preserve their original functionality and style.
200+ Business Solutions Are Built with iSpring SDK to Convert PowerPoint to HTML5.
Desktop and mobile applications

With iSpring SDK, you can create your own desktop application which will convert PPT to HTML5 with the highest quality, and the output content can be easily played and controlled inside your mobile app.


Web conferencing and webinar solutions
Easily enhance your webinars with interactive online presentations. With the Player SDK, hosts and speakers have full control over presentation playback.
CMSs and LMSs

You can add to your content management or learning management system an extremely convenient option to demonstrate PowerPoint files online

Test-Drive iSpring SDK
Get a fully-functional 14-day trial of iSpring SDK and try out its powerful PowerPoint to HTML5 engine with your application.

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