Configurable Non-Powered Cart

Non-Powered Computer on Wheels Solution

Pair with a CyberMed XB Monitor for a Complete WOW SolutionPaired with one of our battery powered medical monitors, this medical cart can be taken room to room without requiring a recharge for almost two full shifts or 20 hours.

  • Designed for Mobile, Comfortable CareHighly mobile and height adjustable for both seated and standing operation.
  • Large Work SurfaceIt provides ample space for computer peripherals and also includes a slide-out tray for convenient keyboard placement.
  • Stable Computer PlacementThe cart comes with a VESA mounting plate capable of securely mounting a battery powered medical monitor for a truly portable solution.


Pair with a Battery Powered Medical Monitor for a Lightweight Solution

Pairing your non-powered cart with a battery powered medical monitor provides a lightweight computer on wheels system capable of delivering up to 21 hours of run time. In addition, the batteries on our XB series of medical monitors can power a thin client PC and an extra peripheral, completely eliminating the need for expensive powered carts or bulky battery packs.

As batteries deplete on your battery powered monitor you can simply swap them out for a fresh battery for 24/7 uptime, or plug the unit into the wall to recharge all 3 batteries in a few short hours.

Dozens of Configuration Options

This configurable cart can be equipped with a number of different accessories making it ideal for virtually any use or application. Attach an extra arm for patient monitoring devices, baskets for charts, drawers for medical supplies, or even mount a camera on top for telehealth applications. There are literally dozens of configurations available with this cart, making it one of the most versatile non-powered carts available on the market today.

Expansive Workspace

The cart can be equipped with a slide-out keyboard tray as well as a locking enclosure/workspace, ensuring your staff’s hardware, peripherals, and supplies can all neatly fit on one organized, comprehensive workspace.

The worksurface provides a roomy 18.5″ x 13.5″ of space for clinicians to work on charts, tests, or other documents, while the keyed storage underneath the worksurface offers 15.5″ x 2.7″ x 12″ of space.

Ergonomic Design for Seated or Standing Use

With 16″ over vertical adjustment, a pull-out keyboard and mouse tray with positive and negative lift, coupled with its lightweight design and smooth rolling casters, this cart is designed to be highly maneuverable, lightweight, and easily adjusted to suit any clinician.

Two handles built right into the work surface, combined with its small footprint of 20 square inches make this a breeze to move in and out of tight spaces like patient rooms for bedside charting.

All-In-One Hospital Cart

Lightweight Cart Designed for an All-In-One Medical Computer

Pair with a Battery Powered Computer Pair with a battery powered medical computerto save thousands on your cart solution.

  • Stable & Portable So You Can Provide Care Where it’s Needed Cart comes with 5″ casters capable of safely transporting your computer on wheels system from room to room.
  • Hardware Security Equipped with keyed access tech bays, supply bins, and drawers for supplies and peripherals.
  • Adjustable Workspace Easily adjust to either a seated or standing workstation with the press of a button


Pair with a Battery Powered Medical PC for a Lightweight Solution

Pairing your non-powered cart with a battery powered medical computer like the CyberMed NB22 provides a lightweight computer on wheels system capable of delivering up to 21 hours of run time. As batteries are depleted simply swap them out with fresh ones while the computer is still running for 24/7 uptime.

In addition the CyberMed NB22 has the ability to power peripherals like a barcode scanner or printer, meaning you can ditch an expensive powered cart and save thousands on your final cart solution.

Stable Positioning and Maneuverability

Lightweight Cart Designed for an All-In-One Medical Computer

Equipped with 5″ casters and stable wheel placement, this cart was designed to effotlessly maneuver through crowded floors, thresholds and a variety of surfaces all common to a healthcare facility. Seamlessly move room to room and provide care where it’s needed most.


Security for All of Your Hardware

The cart includes keyed access to tech bays, supply bins, and drawers for all of the tools and peripherals your workstation needs to function optimally. Keep medical supplies safe while the cart is unmanned and keep peripherals safe from theft when not in use. Take advantage of this added level of security that is uncommon in your typical non-powered cart.

Adjustable for Seated or Standing Caregivers

Height adjustments can be performed with the press of a single button with a gas spring assisted lift. Set the workstation’s height anywhere from 35-74 inches and optimize for your caregivers regardless of whether they prefer to work seated and standing.

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse tray, lightweight design (66 lbs), and conveniently placed handles make this a breeze for clinicians of any height and build to use.

Medical Cart with LCD Arm

Lightweight Cart with Superior Functionality

Pair with CyberMed NB24 for a Complete SolutionAmp up this non-powered cart with a battery-powered medical computer like the CyberMed NB24. Hot swap batteries mean no downtime to charge while charting bedside or doing rounds.

  • Antimicrobial ProtectionAll touch surfaces are treated with an antimicrobial coating. Pair with one of Cybernet’s medical grade computers with an antimicrobial casing to prevent the spread of bacteria and harmful microbes.
  • Adjustments for Height and Screen PlacementThe height of the cart itself as well as the monitor’s placement can be configured to each physician or nurse’s preference.
  • Storage for Hardware and SuppliesThe cart comes equipped with a VESA mount for a computer or monitor and also shelves and a large workspace for peripherals and supplies.


Pair with Medical PC for Turnkey Solution

This cart can support a 24″ display and up to 35 lbs (15.9 kg) of weight making it perfect for the CyberMed NB24. Our hot swap battery powered computer allows you to go room to room with no downtime or need to keep your computer plugged into a wall, increasing functionality and improving patient care.


Height Adjustments to Fit any Physician’s Preference

Delivers complete sit-to-stand height adjustment between 29.25″ – 46.75″ to fit any physician’s needs. Also delivers tilt, rotation, pan, and 5″ of telescopic lift for monitor maneuverability. Perfect for physicians working alone and for sharing information at a patient’s bedside.

Antimicrobial Protection

The spread of bacteria and other harmful microbes is one of the main concerns for hospitals. This medical cart aims to mitigate that risk. All touch surfaces are treated with an antimicrobial coating to prevent the spread of harmful materials. Don’t negate that protection by pairing this cart with a commercial grade PC with no antimicrobial protection.

Cybernet’s NB series of battery powered medical computers are fully antimicrobial, including the touchglass and housing. When paired together, this workstation on wheels will help prevent the spread of infection in your facility.

Extreme Customization Options

Select from dozens of accessories to customize this cart to your unique needs. Add storage drawers for medical supplies, baskets to hold chart and paperwork, extra shelves for printers and other devices, and 3-function casters for even greater maneuverability. If there is a job you need done, this medical cart can be configured to handle it.