Print design can play a pivotal role to play in your marketing and advertising communications. Despite the pronounced growth in digital design and website popularity, print material can be just as effective in determining an organisation’s brand identity and, ultimately, success. A beautifully designed brochure or leaflet can really impress prospective clients. Flyers, exhibition stands, catalogues, billboards, packaging design and stickers are just examples of some of the other print design services that we offer. 
We create eye-catching infographics and icons which engage and add a touch of personality which organisations often have in bundles, but often fail to portray. As part of our digital design portfolio, we craft visually impressive email newsletters. We also love animation, whether it’s for a website banner, paid campaign, or visuals for your reception or boardroom areas.


Branding is a core concept of design. Your brand image (how people perceive you) is strongly influenced by your brand identity. Brand identity includes your logo, tone of voice, imagery and typography. CSI Media’s design team have more than ten years’ experience in providing strategic and design skills within a branding context. We can create a stunning logo, develop a strong and compelling tone of voice and develop exciting imagery.


Logo design isn’t as simple as sticking an icon next to your name; when completed your logo needs to mean something, it needs to help communicate your vision and ethos. Your logo is green but why? We associate the colour green with nature, balance and growth. What typeface do we use in your logo? The layout of the logo, the inclusion of other messaging such as slogans and iconography are key decisions.


Typography plays a key role in brand identity. We carefully choose a font that will help your brand communicate effectively. For example, if your brand was luxury, high end then we might choose a serif font and accompany this with a thin san serif typeface with increased letter spacing for headlines. Or, if your brand was promoting a fun and aimed at a family demographic we may opt to focus on a thicker more round
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