About Medical Grade Monitors

Our Cybernet medical grade monitors are UL/CUL 60601-1 & IEC 60601-2 4th Edition certified safe for near patient use. Universal VESA mounts allow these medical monitors to be deployed in a variety of applications, such as medical carts, arm-mounted exam room computers, in operating rooms to assist surgeons during surgery or an integrated interface for medical devices.

These medical monitors offer high-definition clarity, from 3840×2160 8MP to 1920×1080 LED monitors. Ideal for PACS and robot-assisted surgery, these medical monitors can be equipped with an antimicrobial touch glass to pair with the standard antimicrobial plastic housing, making these the world’s first fully antimicrobial medical monitors.

Furthermore, our Cybernet’s high-resolution monitors battle the common problems of interpretive error, creating a crisp display for radiologists and technicians to work with. The 4k, 8-megapixel, ultra-high definition medical monitor is especially well-suited for medical imaging, helping diagnosticians catch small injuries, tumors, and abnormalities that might have otherwise slipped by.

With much of radiology beholden to technical interpretation, Cybernet’s newest UHD monitors are giving clinicians more tools at their disposal to improve diagnoses and long-term patient outcomes.