Xpansion web & media is a hive of pioneering thinkers, writers, designers, and engineers solidly equipped  to take your product and marketing ideas from imaginary to concrete realms and afar. On a daily basis, we confer and craft content, build websites and portals, harness products and brands that help our partners connect with customers and grow faster.


Xpansion web & media is a division of Xpansion Technologies (Pty) Ltd, responsible for providing IT and Media enabled services to a wide range of clients, from different industry verticals such as; SMEs, NGOs, churches, education, real estate, municipalities, hospitality, manufacturing, telecoms, real estate, core engineering, healthcare among others.

At Xpansion web & media, we are driven by our vision to help our client businesses become more efficient and competitive. Our vast experience working with small, medium and large clients helps us build and deliver solutions that uniquely address market dynamics and business needs of its clients.

Xpansion web & media has full presence in South Africa (covering SADC market) and Cameroon (covering CEMAC and ECOWAS).


We craft unique content as well as design, develop and build distinctive websites, online portals and a plethora of online and media experiences for a wide range of industries. We also offer inimitable copywriting and corporate media services.



We build simple, beautiful and differentiated digital products. We seek always to discover what users want and design the simplest way for them to get there. We can run this process from start to finish, or act as an extension of your product team.


We build brands that stand out and tell a story. They’re digital-first but also grounded in the real world where your customers live and work. Getting there is a collaborative process, but by the end, you’ll have a comprehensive yet practical brand guideline to create integrated campaigns, a marketing website, and other useful things.


We help small, medium, and large firms to build websites that raise perceptions, create trust and drive growth. From crafted content through architecture to development, our team proactively uncovers the best way to share your brand and products with the world.


We design and develop websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. Every new website we design is unique, promising to capture your brand personality and offering. All our websites are technically optimised and responsive across the latest devices, with custom functionality if required. We can manage the whole process from content crafting, design to development and testing. Alternatively, if you already have the designs, we can complete the CMS integration for you.
Our software engineers will work closely with you to decipher your exact requirements for the web portal, and architect a system that provides rich functionality on a user-friendly interface. We can integrate a range of bespoke functionality and features to support your key business processes.
When designing apps, we take into consideration the native experiences of each device, iconography, gestures and interactive points. Our app development team are experienced in Java and Kotlin; the official programming languages for Android devices, and Swift, the official programming language for creating iOS apps. Our team also have experience in handling a countless number of third-party integrations including APIs, XML and JSON.
All our Church website designs deliver engaging and intuitive user experiences that maximise enquiries while supporting all the other activities of the church. We can build church websites on either the Umbraco or Sitecore CMS platforms – both give the churches a high-level of autonomy over their website’s content with SEO and personalisation tools.
We develop custom software solutions that meet your specific business requirements. By utilising the latest technologies and adopting the latest development approaches, we are able to solve complex business problems that help to streamline your workflow, improve efficiency and open doors to new opportunities. Our developers will work with you closely to analyse your business needs, adopting a tailored approach to create a bespoke software solution that delivers on each of your objectives.
Brand Guidelines are created after a branding exercise including logo design, artwork examples for adverts, tone of voice, imagery suggestions and examples, typography, colours. The guidelines ensure that your branding is consistent across all of your services, departments and initiatives from web, social media, company literature, advertising and print. The guidelines set out the dos and the don’ts; how your logo can be displayed, what colours can it be, can it sit on a red background or only white and black
Content Crafting
Our content crafting ingenuity is driven by Mind Hive. This is a select group of audacious word engineers responsible for Xpansion’s media services. Mind Hive produces copy that is anything from lethal thoughtful to sunny, enriching, and memorable. From website copy, blog posts, white papers, press releases and more. Whatever you are trying to achieve, we drive results. Words are the foundation of our services, and we use them to craft exquisite content with your name on it. You might want to drive organic traffic through your website copy—done. Maybe you want to generate purchases from a compelling call to action—we’ve got it. Or maybe you just want your brand copy to be sparkling with excellence in the way you are—sorted!


Websites have become mandatory to businesses and all other forms of organizations, in this age of digital dominance. Consequently websites not only need to be visually appealing, they also needs to be fast , high-performing and most importantly their content needs to be current, informational, educative and guiding. It will therefore be a crisis error, for any organization or business to confer the development of its website content to untested word crafters. We are authoritatively the best you can find anywhere.
The art of the use of words, is special. That is why copy editing has over the centuries become such a vital aspect, of writing. It is the most secured way for you to ensure that your copy is set and moulded the way you want; does the copy inform? Does it educate? What about the narrative thread and the flow? Is the grammar pitch slippery? We ensure that your writing is tight, and accessible to your target audience.
A feverish characteristic of the current global market place is noise overload. There is so much noise that businesses and all other forms of organizations sometimes find it hard, to stand, neck high, above the rest. We will help craft your communication strategy with a keen eye on your current position and your intended goals.





The dividends that the current digital revolution brings to the world, obliges companies and all other forms of organizations to not just register their presence on the web, but to also be very active. Blog posts are regular content items that are informative and interesting. A website without a blog is no more than a static document. We place our expertise at your disposal.


In the current dispensation of consumer power, every organization or business needs to ensure that all the messages crafted for public consumption must standout. We are available to diligently craft your press release. Each outing ensures unclouded lucidity or purpose You don’t get to do a press release twice, so each outing must be astute.


We understand academic writing and academic research. Having produce theses in our own lives, the Members of the Mind Hive understand what is required when writing or editing a research paper. Contact us for all your academic writing and editing needs.


Not everyone has the time to put pen to paper. You might have the best intentions, but like many things that are left undone in our busy lives, those blog posts, company newsletters, or LinkedIn posts may never see the light of day.


They might not stir the pulse, but white papers are an essential part of selling your product or service. They are commonly defined as, “an authoritative document that educates readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the author’s philosophy on the matter. White papers are meant to help readers grasp and comprehend an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision”.
The world is in a constant flux. From the dominant challenges of Climate Change to the driving force of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the current pandemic – COVID-19, there is a constant movement and shifting that requires strong opinion and commentary from thought leaders. We are thoroughly equipped to help you develop such themes and follow them up with strong opinions, commentary and analysis.


Xpansion web & media also publishes Glorify Times; a Christian nondenominational magazine that consistently demonstrates through all its media, the gospel can not only transform lives but usher hope and flourishing to individuals, cultures and communities. Glorify Times advocates for the church, shapes Christian conversation and suggests practical solutions for church leaders. It equips Christians to renew their minds, serve the church and create culture to the glory of God.


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